Overseas Payments

Sending money overseas? – Receiving payments from overseas?

If you are sending or receiving money from overseas you are best served by dealing with a company that specialises. This is why we use Earthportfx.

We are so pleased with the service they give to us that we are recommending them to everyone.

It does not matter if you are a business completing a multi million pound deal or an individual wanting to make a one off payment to pay for one night’s hotel accommodation in Spain, they will look after you.


EarthportFX helps individuals and businesses to manage their international transactions efficiently and take advantage of the limitless opportunities the world of global trade has to offer.

Through a selection of tailored payment solutions, EarthportFX provides a more efficient and more reliable way to pay. They offer access to over 60 currencies and direct local payment capability in over 65 countries.

EarthportFX customers include travel companies, manufacturers, online merchants, international service providers, universities and global investors. However any business or individual that pays or receives money in foreign currencies can benefit from a service that goes ‘Beyond FX’.

Combined with access to expert advice and the latest technology and its clear why EarthportFX eclipses the traditional FX Model.

They offer

  • Spot contracts – Buy or sell currency to meet your short-term payment obligations; their spot contracts allow you to lock in the current rate for settlement within two working days.
  • Forward contracts – Lock in your desired rate today for settlement on a pre-determined future date, enabling you to proactively manage currency exposure and hedge against risk.
  • Market orders – Provide them with your desired rate and they’ll automatically trade when that rate is achieved, allowing you to take advantage of potentially favourable movements in the market outside of the usual trading hours.
  • Receivables – If you need to receive payments from overseas in different currencies their receivables solution provides multi-currency receivable capability and the ability to control conversion into the local currency to optimise return.
  • Rate alerts – Setup alerts to track desired rates and they’ll prompt you when that rate is achieved so you can take advantage of optimal trading conditions.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates – They provide live rates to you so you are in the driving seat when you are ready to buy.
  • Expert Advice – A team of experts is available to provide you with the information and advice you need to help you make the right choices.

Easy to use

If you wish to talk to someone who uses this service, before you sign up, please give us a call, we will be happy to tell you in person what we think of EarthportFX

Setting up an account with Earthport FX could not be easier all you have to do is complete the application form. Once completed, they will contact you and from then on they will help you all the way.

Their online payments system is easy to use, but if you prefer to speak to someone you can arrange all your transfers over the telephone

Sign Up Today

Introductory Offer

No Commission Fee will be charged on your initial transfer if you sign up using the link below

Future payments

All subsequent transfers will be subject to a £5 commission fee.

Finally, why do we recommend them?

Some who read this will ask the question, why do The Holiday Money Shop recommend another foreign exchange service, what’s in it for them.

Well, if you sign up using the link on this page EarthportFX will pay us an introductory commission when you use their service.

Yes, we earn a commission but there are many companies in the market place that would pay us the same or more to recommend them. So in spite of the commission payment we choose to recommend EarthportFX because we believe they offer a great service.

REMEMBER it costs you nothing to sign up and if that’s all you do we earn nothing. You have to use their service first and to do that you have to like what you see. We are confident you will, thats's why we recommend them